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Poems, Dreams and Roses by Fabu, is 35 pages of poetry for children to encourage and inspire them. It traces Fabu's journey from a child who loved writing poetry, through her student years to finally becoming the third Madison Poet Laureate. The book includes a teacher's guide with questions, a glossary, and Fabu’s life map.

In Our Own Tongues by Fabu
is 75 pages of narrative poetry about three generations of African American women (Grandmother, Daughter and Grand daughter) and the languages they spoke in and the historical eras each lived in.

Journey to Wisconsin: African American Life in Haiku by Fabu is 45 pages of Haiku that includes narrative poems to introduce each section of African American life.  The cover is a photograph of Mr. Nathaniel Owen and Mrs. Cynthia Owen, African American pioneers in Baraboo, taken in 1905. They are seven generations of family remaining with their matriarch,  Mrs. Edith Lawrence Hilliard. 

Love Poems by Fabu is 58 pages of eclectic love poems celebrating all kinds of love.  This is Fabu’s latest poetry collection

All books are $15 (include $2 for mailing). Order directly from Poet Fabu. Two or more books are $12 each and can be mailed together for $2.  Contact fabu@artistfabu.com.